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Thanks from the Food Bank Team (Wednesday 17th January)

Christine Gray handed in the Spott Church Food Bank donations that were given by the Congregation on Sunday 14th January, and tells me they weighed 24.3 kg which is 53.5 Lbs or just short of 4 stones. The Basics Food Bank Team were very grateful for your donations and Christine tells me that the "FB Team" are an incredibly nice group of committed people and that she will try and arrange for one of them to come to one of our Sunday morning services to explain a bit more of what happens there each Wednesday lunchtime. Perhaps one or two of our members could help out occasionally???

Anne Creedican from the Basics Food Bank Team has e-mailed to say that :-

As we didn't have as many clients on Wednesday, we managed to do a heck of a lot of stock sorting regarding dates and organisation. This is a very important job which usually goes by the wayside when we are extremely busy.  It also allows us to see just what we need to stock up on and what we have sufficient supplies of.
Your continued support means a lot to us. We had a lovely, unexpected donation of 16 x £10 vouchers for the local Butcher's shop so, as well as receiving fresh fruit, vegetables and bread each week, our clients can now purchase fresh meat. 

This is the latest E-mail from the Dunbar Basics Food Bank Team


We have been overwhelmed with the huge amount of donations over the last few weeks. The response has been beyond our expectations. All of our clients and some of our very dear friends received a lovely Christmas Hamper over and above their usual bags of food. All thanks to our wonderful donors.


Our Christmas Day lunch went down a treat. We fed over 30 folks, including 2 Syrian families who were welcomed warmly by everyone there. Santa paid a visit and everyone received a lovely present. It was a very special way to spend Christmas Day and one that I am sure will be repeated next year. If any of you are on Facebook, please check out Fraser Stewart's blog on the Christmas Day lunch. It is well worth a read.


We had a break on Wednesday 27th but were back to normal yesterday. Not as many clients but still very busy.

We have managed to catch up with the sorting out of all the donations. To that end, PLEASE DO NOT DONATE BEANS, SOUP, DRIED PASTA, TOOTH BRUSHES, TOOTHPASTE, SOAP OR TUNA.


We could use donations of tinned ravioli, macaroni, irish stew, spaghetti bolognese and chilli con carne.


Once again, our sincere thanks for all your support. May 2018 bring happiness, good health and many blessings to you all.


The next "Food Bank Donation" at Spott Church will be on Sunday 10th December 2017. They always need donations of TINNED MEATS and FISH (not Tuna), TOILET ROLLS, CURRY SAUCE, WASHING POWDER/GEL/TABLETS and could also do with donations of COFFEE.

In addition to the foregoing, they also try to make up some Christmas Hampers at this time of year, and they would appreciate the usual festive fayre if we can e.g. tinned ham, salmon, Christmas pudding, shortbread, chocolate, fruit juice/Schloer, nibbles, crackers, nice biscuits, children's selection boxes, nice toiletries etc. If we have families with children we try to get age appropriate toys though we won't know exact requirement just yet.

Dear All,

A big thank you to you all for your Foodbank donation last Sunday. (12th November 2017)

Christine Gray handed over 40 kg of food (that is 6.25 stones in old money) which I think is a magnificent contribution from our small church.

Our next "Spott Foodbank donation" will be on Sunday 10th December. I believe that some Christmas hampers are also made up in addition to the normal food parcels consequently, I shall seek advice from Maureen Croft on items that will be suitable for these hampers in addition to the required items for the basic food stockpile.

Once again, thank you all for your most generous donations to the Foodbank.

The Food Bank Basket will be laid in front of the Communion Table on Sunday 12th November to receive your food donations for "Dunbar Basics".

We currently NEED Curry sauce: Sugar: Juice: Jam: Tinned carrots: and Tinned peas.

We currently DO NOT NEED Cereal: Beans; pasta; tuna; nappies: Toothpaste: Toothbrushes: nor Sanitary products. 

Food Bank Donations

Starting from Sunday, October 15th 2017, there shall be a basket placed in front of the Communion Table where Food Bank Donations can be placed between 9.45 and 10.00 am. Thereafter, the basket will be placed there on the second Sunday of each month. Typical items for donation to the FOOD BANK can include any of the following items:-

Food:-Cereal, Soup, Pasta, Rice, Pasta sauce, Beans, Tinned meat, Tinned Tuna, Tinned vegetables, Tea, Coffee, Vacuum Packed Fruit Juice, Tinned fruit, Biscuits

Toiletries – Deodorant, Toilet paper, Shower gel, Shaving gel, Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrushes, Tooth paste, Hand wipes

Household items –Laundry liquid detergent, laundry powder, Washing up liquid, General Toilet/Kitchen Cleaner

Feminine products –Sanitary towels and tampons

Baby supplies – nappies, baby wipes and, baby food.

(Please note, due to advice from UNICEF we cannot provide formula milk.)

Local Basics Food bank current needs as at Wednesday 4th October are:-

YES for Sugar, Shaving cream, Jam, and Washing up liquid

NO for Cereal, Baked beans, and Dried Pasta