14th April 2017- Good Friday @ 7.30 pm in Spott Parish Church

16th April 2017 - Easter Sunday @ 11.30 am in Belhaven Parish Church

7th May 2017- Communion Sunday @ 11.30 in Belhaven Parish Church

5th November 2017 - Communion Sunday @ 11.30 in Belhaven Parish Church

All services will be signed by Maryclare Jenkins

British Sign Language/Sign Supported English Services
Jesus commanded His followers to share the Gospel message with all.  Whatever challenges some face with their hearing, every man, woman and child deserves to ‘hear’ the Good News about Christ and His love.
The General Assembly has urged congregations to use sign language and support initiatives for deaf people - to reach out to the deaf community and to give an opportunity to worship within the congregation by making services accessible to people who lip read and British Sign Language users.  This will hopefully lead to a more inclusive church for deaf people and those for whom BSL is their first or only language.