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The Spott Singers will be in attendance before the Main Sunday Service and will be singing the following:-

Calm me Lord --- O perfect Love, O perfect sacrifice --- Your Love, shining like the Sun --- I am a new creation --- Rock of Ages --- See - what a morning gloriously bright.

They will start at 9.45 am. Please come early and enjoy.

The Spott Singers will be singing songs from 9.45 am until 10.00 am when the morning service starts on Sunday 3rd December. Songs will be taken from the following list:-

New every morning is the love---When the hungry who have nothing---A Father to the Fatherless---All for Jesus---I give myself to you Lord---Lead me Lord---Whisper a prayer.

The Spott Singers will be singing songs from 9.45 am until 10.00 am when the morning service starts on Sunday 5th November. Songs will be taken from the following list:-

The peace of the Earth --- You are the Shepherd --- God's saints of old --- Even though the rain (The Cloud's veil) --- God to enfold you --- Holy, holy, holy (Argentina) --- Turn your eyes upon Jesus --- Word of God

Some of you may recall hearing "The peace of the Earth" which was sung at Neil Watson's ordination.

Spott singers sang before the normal 10.00 morning service. Their music included the following:-

Safe in the Shadow - Take my life and let it be - You are my strength - We will walk with God, my Brothers - Oh to see the dawn - Men of faith - The earth belongs to God  

Sunday 3rd September 2017 at 09.45

Sunday 3rd September 2017 is a very special day when Neil Watson will be preaching as our Nominee to fill our vacant charge.

The Spott Singers will be singing some of the following songs of praise from about 9.45 until our service starts at 10.00 am:-

Blessed be the everlasting God *** Revive us again *** You are my strength *** All that I am, all that I do *** It's not an easy road *** Send me out from here *** Jesus is the name we honour.

The Spott Singers will be singing some songs on Sunday 6th August 2017 from 9.45 am until 10.00 am when the Morning service takes place. A selection of songs will be chosen from the following:-

Here is Love        Jesus is King      10,000 reasons    Burdens are lifted at Calvary

My hope rests firm    It is well with my soul       Kindle a flame

Spott Singers


Music has long been central to worship in Spott.  Items within the regular services range from contemporary song to all the traditional hymns.  The Spott congregation has long been known for its forthright singing.  The “Spott Singers” add colour to Sunday worship before and after the service, generally on the first Sunday of each month at 9.45 am between March and November.