If you wish to complete a"Request Card" they can be found on entry in the Church Vestibule. The duty Elder will show you where. Once you complete the details, then pop it into the collection box and we will ensure it is given to the Minister.

To see what a "Request card" looks like, then click on the "Activities" drop down menu and then click onto the "Comments and Suggestions" tag.


If you, or if you know someone, who would like some support from the Church, please complete, or ask someone to complete on your behalf, a REQUEST CARD. To see what is required on a "Request Card", click on the "ACTIVITIES banner" then go down the drop-down menu and click on the "Comments and suggestions label" and you will see a copy of a Request Card. These cards can be found in the entrance vestibule of the Church. Once it is filled in, return it to the collection box or give it to one of the Office Bearers.

We welcome your comments about the Church and our activities.  Use the form below to contact us by email, or check out the contacts page for phone numbers.