Cupa and a Chat` Sunday 29th May Spott Church

Refreshments and fellowship in Spott Church after the service on 29th May – a chance to chat and catch-up with each other, all welcome.

We are now able to resume accepting donations for Dunbar FoodShare (formerly Dunbar Basics Bank).  ‘Coffee & Chat’ Sunday would be a good time to collect donations.  These are the items which are particularly needed this month:-

Soap powder, diluting juice, fruit juice (long life), instant coffee, tinned pies (Fray Bentos).   Donations of money are also welcome – vouchers for Crunchy Carrot, Community Bakery and Quality Butcher are purchased for clients to spend in those local shops.A

Foodbank Donations Required - donation tubs are in Asda, McColls, and both Coop stores. 

 10th Sep 2021

Dunbar Basics Bank: Donation tubs are in Asda, McColl’s, and both Co-op stores. Gift vouchers from local shops are very useful – they provide a way of obtaining local produce with dignity and let people have a freedom of choice of goods plus helping local businesses. Vouchers can be donated from various places including Peter Whitecross Butchers, Dunbar Community Bakery, Community Crunchy Carrot, etc.,) ‘Bags for life’ are always useful. New ones would be better re cross-contamination etc.