Bee-haven at Spott Parish Church

This is a project that will soon be starting at Spott Parish Church and the following notes will give you information regarding the purpose of the project.  

Bumblebees are the largest and gentlest of all the known species of bees.  They can be described as friendly, social insects.  They are very important pollinators to many plants, flowers and fruit trees. They can visit patches of flowers up to 1 – 2 kilometres from their colony.  Unlike honey bees, bumblebees only store a few days’ worth of food and so are much more vulnerable to food shortages.  A decline in bumblebee numbers could cause large-scale changes to the countryside, due to inadequate pollination of certain plants.  Bumblebees are an endangered species.

  • Aim - To improve the look of some empty and unkempt looking space by planting bee friendly flowers. To add colour and substance which would also help create a bee corridor in the churchyard and contribute to biodiversity in East Lothian.  
  • Where - Spott Parish Church - area to the left of the front door (along right hand side of Hay Aisle building) and perhaps also on the symmetrical side (left hand side of same building).  
  • How - The initial idea (in August 2017) was to plant some bee friendly flowers/plants/seeds.  Rev David Scott liked the idea and suggested involving the Spott community (including children) and Spott Parish Church congregation.  Church membership would not be a requirement.  All are welcome to join in and help plant bulbs, plants and seeds. Children must be accompanied by family members or supervising adult for PVG reasons.
  • The children/adults, while helping, could learn a little about bumblebees.  We will explain why we are doing this and talk about the benefits to bumblebees and biodiversity.  We will offer supervised bee counts to continue through the summer to see how the planting area has progressed and how it has helped the bees to pollinate.  
  • When – Preparing ground in late March/early April. A one-off Saturday planting in April.  Thereafter a monthly Saturday (am or pm) session running through to September for a bee chat and bee count (weather permitting).
  • To log results with the Bee Conservation Trust.


East Lothian Council are happy to include Spott Church in their churchyard wildflower sowing plan and this would also improve the appearance of the churchyard.

The congregation is welcome to donate plants/seeds and join in the activities – or just come along and watch!