to be read on Sundays 13 and 20 November

Intimation is hereby given that in view of the anticipated vacancy, the Kirk Session is about to make up an Electoral Register of this congregation. Any communicant whose name is not already on the Communion Roll as a member should hand in to the Session Clerk a Certificate of Transference, and anyone wishing his or her name added to the Register as an adherent should obtain from the Session Clerk, and complete and return to him, a Form of Adherent's Claim. All such papers should be in the hands of the Session Clerk not later than Tuesday 22 November at noon. The Kirk Session meet at Easter Spott on Tuesday 22 November at 8pm to make up the Electoral Register, when anyone wishing to support his or her claim in person should attend.


David D Scott, Interim-moderator



to be read on Sundays 13 and 20 November

This is an intimation that a meeting of the Kirk Session of Spott Church is to be held at Easter Spott on Tuesday 22 November at 8pm.


In recognition of the diversity of views within the Church about the historic and current doctrine and practice of the Church in relation to human sexuality and in the interests of the peace and unity of the Church, departure from the practice of the Church in relation to human sexuality is permitted in certain circumstances.


The purpose of the Kirk Session meeting just intimated will be for the Kirk Session to decide whether to depart from the Church's practice in relation to human sexuality in order for applications for the forthcoming vacancy to be considered from, amongst others, individuals who are in a civil partnership or same sex marriage.


In terms of the process for a decision to depart contained in the Ministers and Deacons in Civil Partnerships and Same Sex Marriages (Act 1, 2015), this will be a first meeting of the Kirk Session on this matter and therefore the vote will be of an indicative nature only,


If the Kirk Sessions at Spott and Belhaven both vote to depart, this vote will be required to be followed up at subsequent meetings of each Kirk Session by a second vote in favour of the decision to depart in order to take effect. If one Kirk Session votes to depart and the other does not, the status quo is maintained.

Every vote in this matter must achieve a majority of those present and entitled to vote in order to take effect,


David D. Scott, Interim Moderator





to be read on Sunday 27 November 2016


Intimation is hereby given that the proposed Electoral Register of this congregation has now been prepared and that an opportunity of inspecting it will be given today in the church at the close of this service and that it shall be open for inspection at Easter Spott on Wednesday 30 November from 6 – 7pm. Any questions regarding entries in the Register should be brought to the notice of the Kirk Session which is to meet in the Belhaven Church Hall on Tuesday 13 December at 7pm when it will finally make up the Electoral Register.


David D. Scott, interim-moderator


The last meeting of the Presbytery of Lothian was on Thursday 29th September at 19.00 hrs in Dalkeith at St John's and King's Parish Church. The meeting commenced with Communion taken by the Kirk Moderator, the Rt Revd Dr Russell Barr after which the Lothian Presbytery remained for the conduct of it's ordinary business.

The next meeting of the Lothian Presbytery will be on Thursday 24th November 2016 in it's usual venue of St Andrews High Parish Church in Musselburgh at 19.00 hrs.