Lothian Presbytery meeting St Mary's Parish Church Thursday 28 April 2022  at 1900

Intimation is hereby given that at a meeting to be held in Haddington: St Mary's Parish Church, at 1900 hrs on Thursday 28 April 2022 the Presbytery of Lothian will consider the new Draft Presbytery Mission Plan. This congregation is hereby cited to attend that meeting for their interests.

by order of Presbytery


                                                                                         John D McCulloch

                                                                                         Presbytery Clerk


Members will be aware that discussions have been ongoing since August 2021 with officials from Lothian Presbytery’s Strategic Planning & Mission Committee on the Draft Presbytery Plan and, in particular, about plans for future ministry in Spott Church and in the wider Dunbar area.

The first meeting of officials from all the Cluster churches: Dunbar Parish, Belhaven, Spott and Dunglass took place recently, on 5th April.  Further discussions are planned to seek to establish a way forward for ministry in the wider area which we hope will include Spott Church.

Meantime, Lothian Presbytery are tasked with completing the Plan by December 2022.  The meeting on Thursday 28th April is to discuss the new draft Presbytery Mission Plan. Spott Session has submitted papers in support of our case.

Congregations in the Presbytery are cited to attend this meeting as the Plan directly affects their interests and the future of all churches.

Spott Kirk Session is encouraging as many as are able to attend this meeting in support of our Presbytery Elder (Moira Cockburn), who proposes to re-state the importance of retaining Spott Church as part of the wider Dunbar ministry, during the debate later in the meeting.  In addition, we are also seeking to change the Spott building categorisation ‘to be retained beyond the five years from the date at which the Mission Plan is approved or annually reviewed’.  The current proposal is to close Spott Church, within 5 years from the date of the approved Plan. 

Your attendance would show the level of support for what your Kirk Session is striving to achieve.  Please come if you are able, the possibility of lifts may be an option – please let us know.

Please note that congregation members do not have to stay for the whole meeting, but are welcome to stay and listen to the debate if they wish.