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How to Access Spott Parish Church Website:

Ten Easy Steps to find out ‘What’s Happening’ Online.


  1. How to find the Spott Parish Church Website. Type in on the browser of your computer/tablet/mobile, or laptop. When the site opens you will be on the Home Page, on the right of which is a list of the ten most Recent Articles of News that have been added.


  1. Access to any of the ten Recent Articles. The list is easy to access - left Click on the mouse, to open the desired article which will then appear at the foot of the page.


  1. Here is an Example. If you click on the item for "Spott Singers for the 28th January" you will be taken to the blog that tells you exactly when they are singing, and what they are singing on that day.


  1. Activities Banner. This lets you know what is happening. Example - If you wish to know more about “The Spott Singers” go to the “ACTIVITIES” dropdown menu, and Click on “Spott Singers” where you will see all the songs they have sung and when they were performed.


  1. Food Bank. Similarly, Click on “14th January Foodbank Donations” for the latest news under “Recent Articles”. If you wish to know more, Click on the “ACTIVITIES” banner to get the dropdown menu, then Click on “Food Bank”. By Left Clicking you will then see what food items ARE needed and NOT needed on a monthly basis, plus the history of the next and past Food Bank Donations.


  1. Information about Spott Church. If you wish to know more about Spott Church, then run your mouse over the Banner Headings named “Home”; “About us”; “Activities”: “Church News”; “Historic Notes”; “Worship”; and “Useful Links”. Under each Banner Heading is a “Dropdown Menu”, that gives a list of subjects of interest or general information. For example, if you hover over the “About us” Banner Heading and Click on “Who’s who” heading, you will find Office Bearers, contact numbers, Members of the Kirk Session, and the name of the Elder on door duty throughout the calendar year. (Some Banner Headings are still under construction.)


  1. History of Spott Church. If you wish to know more about the history of Spott Church, hover over the “Historic Notes” Banner Heading, and click on “Ministers at Spott” or “Church History”.


  1. Built-in Slideshow. If you decide to have a break from searching the site, just relax and you can watch the slideshow that shows photographs of the Church and some recent and past events.


  1. Link to Facebook. You don’t have to be a Facebook user but a new edition to the website is a “tab” that links you into “Spott Church’s Facebook” page. There you can see Neil’s “promo videos” informing you of his forthcoming sermons, as well as listening to his previous sermons.


  1. How you can Help? We are currently still developing the Website and we need, and would appreciate, any constructive feedback on how you find using the website. You do not have to be a Computer “Whizzkid”, but if you have any suggestions of other items you think would be beneficial and of interest to the Congregation, then please contact Duncan Nicholson on 01368 860 375 or drop him an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Spott Parish Church Website is there for you to keep up-to-date with Church News, What’s What and Who’s Who.

Neil Watson's Ordination publicity article as seen in the Church of Scotland's newsletter is given by clicking on the following:-

Here are some links you may find useful:

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